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July 13, 2013

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This is the year of gratitude for me. I have decided to write down every The word you speakmorning when I wake up, 3 things I am grateful for, and to send out a thank you note to somebody I am thankful for.This is a first step in living my life consciously… so welcome to my world!

Those were my thoughts on January 1st 2013, except … I wrote my gratitude notes for a week or so and sent out a few thank you cards and then I got busy…so now, I have decided to put myself out there so I can be forced to be accountable…”walk the talk”…

First, I want to be very thankful for the many friends I have made in my life and in business and the many relations that have grown out of somebody choosing to buy or sell their home with me…Thank you, you know who you are, and my promise from here on is to do more, so bring it on- your questions, queries etc. I’ll be there.

Second, let me take this opportunity to let you know that the real estate market is changing… again… this time for the better. We are finally coming out of that market that put many people under water (the era of short sales). If you had a little equity in your house… rejoice, cause now you should already be seeing the improvement.

Third, if you have been waiting for the prices to go further down so you can decide to buy… you’ve almost missed the boat… you need to hurry up and do something right away otherwise the interest rates and the prices will go up and you won’t be able to afford that house you’ve be dreaming of moving into, or that real estate investment you’ve been wanting to get involved in.

Well that’s it for now. Catch you later.

Okay-I-am-a-real-estate-agent-with-over-10years-under-my-belt-I-have-decided-to-start-blogging-as a-way-to-keep-in-touch-with-who-what-and-how-of-other-than-my-immediate-circle-and-network, expand my network so to speak. So the first question is have you been looking to buy a home and have visited all these foreclosure homes and find mold mold everywhere, and therefore the type of financing you can use or the homes you can buy becomes very limited quickly. Well let me know and lets’ talk.

April 2, 2010

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March 19, 2010

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